April 1 2016

43. German Beer Culture

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German beer culture

Between Easter and the next regular beer tasting, beer sommelier Markus Weick organized for the first time an English-speaking beer event. The occasion was the visit of a Texan couple in the Rhineland.

Even if I could arrive an hour after the official start and thus missed the first beer, the evening offered still ample opportunity to deepen the subject „German beer culture“. Here Markus went on fundamental (technical) background of beer as well as it is on the history of different beer styles. In addition along a really wide variety of different German beers from all over the country, German beer variety was shown. Between this interesting facts, anecdotes and developments of German beer culture were interspersed repeatedly, although of course also the German „Reinheitsgebot“ came up.

But above all, the evening offered a very good opportunity for the exchange of beer cultural understandings on both sides of the Atlantic. So the craft beer movement was discussed, which indeed in the US took its rise and has begun to grain ground in Germany as well. However, both sides also emphasized a critique of the hype, that not always produces a good quality of beer. Particularly in the US people seems to be more interested in possible exceptional brew instead of producing actually drinkable and marketable beers.

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In the course of the entire evening these following beers were tasted:

  1. Tegernseer Hell (4.9% – unfortunately missed)
  2. Pilsner Urquell (now tried for the third time)
  3. Dortmunder Export (5.1% – as an example of an almost extinct beer style from the Ruhr which was very popular in the past)
  4. Tegernseer Spezial (5.6% – a Hell with more body / wort)
  5. Crew Republic German Pale Ale (5.6% – the German equivalent to the American Craft Beer movement)
  6. Weltenburger Barock Dunkel (4.7% – from the well-oldest brewery in Germany thitherto the first and best-selling beer of the Eule)
  7. Bolten Ur-Alt (4.9% – for the first time an Alt and that in enemy territory – but it could even convince an experienced Kölsch drinker)
  8. Störtebecker Schwarz-Bier (5% – was tasted in an one on one comparison with two different drink temperatures)
  9. Andechser Bergbock Hell (6.9% – one of the few bright Bock beers in Germany)
  10. Rittmeyer Rauchbier (4.9% – to a much repeated request of the audience)
  11. Weißenoher Green Monkey Mandarin (5.9% – see 42.)
  12. Schneider Weisse Kristall (5.3% – I have left it to the Texans)
  13. Göller Rauchbier (4.9% – yes, there were present true lovers of smoke beer)
  14. Amphora Lvsitania (6% – a beer that Markus bought at a beer festival in Portugal holiday and brought back)
  15. Marc Chocolate Bock (7.5% – one of three signature beers of Maisel’s friends)
  16. Aktien Zwickl (even drank at the March tasting)
  17. Rittmeyer Hallendorfer Kellerbier (5% – not yet tasted in March – although Franconian specialty)
  18. Weißenoher Classic Export (5% – one of the Franconian classics of perhaps Germanys second oldest brewery)
  19. Fuller’s Golden Pride Superior Strength Ale (8.5% – more for the ladies of the round – the cognac under the Fuller)
  20. Störtebecker Scotch Ale (9% – is possibly still presented by Alex)
  21. Grünhopfen Pils (5.4% – a Craft Beer from the house Schönramer)
  22. Schönramer Pils (5% – the classical counterpart)
  23. Spezial Rauchbier (4.9% – to my completion again another smoke beer from the German beer capital Bamberg)

IMG_20160329_202941IMG_20160329_203829IMG_20160329_210351IMG_20160329_211853IMG_20160329_214210 (1)IMG_20160329_214244IMG_20160329_215754IMG_20160329_222747IMG_20160329_230300Thereafter, however, it was enough for me and I had to go home. So it was really something for everyone – only those who had to work the next day, had (probably) some difficulties to get out of bed ….


And please always keep rule # 11 in mind: keep on drinking! So: Cheers!

More informations about the Eule, to the actions and the beer sommelier Markus Weick under: http://wordpress.99biere.de/

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